A Great Place to Grow

Benjamin W. Feldbush

“Tacoma Community College (TCC) has created an avenue of growth for me because of the plethora of resources that helped me throughout my college endeavor. I have been challenged to be reflective when faced with differences, I learned to face failure and turn it into success, and I understand the importance of “community.” Not only have I become a better human being, but I also became a better father. I owe it to the education I received from TCC.”

TCC Student Benjamin W. Feldbush with his sons Benji, 6, and Joshua, 3

Samat Tilebaev

“I and my family are new immigrants and moved to the USA at the end of 2015. It is difficult to move to a new country and start everything new. We do not have in USA any relatives, so TCC has become a great family. I am amazed at the atmosphere of TCC, which is friendly, warm and very helpful. We have a great start in USA because of TCC. Since entering TCC, our life has been improved and filled us with hope for the great future and joy. With the help of TCC, we definitely have a clear and bright future!!!”

TCC Student Samat Tilebaev and his wife, Dilya and son, Avel,  4

Kelsey Stoner

“I am getting the education I need to pursue my career goal, while at the same time, my children are learning in a caring school setting at the Early Learning Center. My children are watching me go to school like they are, and they are inspiring me to be my best at TCC. TCC has helped me grow right alongside my children.”

TCC student Kelsey Stoner with daughter Malia, 4

Kiarna Sud-Martinez

“TCC has been a great place for me to grow by giving me the opportunity to apply myself and to create a better future for my family.”

TCC student Kiarna Sud-Martinez with daughter Kennedy Lee Johnson, 4

A Great Place for You to Grow