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Tacoma. The city of destiny and grit. Home to industry, art, outdoors and opportunity. However, chances are you don’t need to be schooled on the 253. We encourage you to use this site to get a peek into student culture at TCC, find application deadlines and to connect with us through social media.
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TCC Application 
February 2016 (suggested for best class selection)
Financial Aid 
January 28, 2016
Quarter Begins 
March 28, 2016
TCC Application 
March 2016 (suggested for best class selection)
Financial Aid 
April 7, 2016
Quarter Begins 
June 20, 2016
TCC Application 
March/April 2016 (suggested for best class selection)
Financial Aid 
March 10, 2016 (priority)
May 12, 2016 (final)
Quarter Begins 
September 19, 2016

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March 10, 2016 (priority)
May 12, 2016 (final)

If you want a chance at the FREE government money and low-interest rate loans, you must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. Remember to list Tacoma Community College as one of your schools when filling out the FAFSA.

FAFSA Website


Preparing for college takes a little time and requires a handful of applications. You’ve got your financial aid  forms (both FAFSA and those through TCC) and standard college admission application. There is assessment testing for class placement and student orientations that help guide next steps. If you desire more insight into college and want to map your next move, then please mark your calendars to attend a TCC  info session today:

Wednesday, April 6 | Senate Room, Building 11 | 3:45pm – 5pm

Monday, April 11 | Senate Room, Building 11 | 5pm – 6:30pm

Friday, April 15 | Gig Harbor campus | 3:30pm – 5pm

Wednesday, April 27 | Senate Room, Building 11 | 3:45pm – 5pm

Monday, May 2 | Senate Room, Building 11 | 5pm – 6:30pm

Friday, May 6 | Gig Harbor campus | 3:30pm – 5pm

Wednesday, May 11 | Room 223, Building 7 | 3:45pm – 5pm

Wednesday, May 25 | Senate Room, Building 11 | 3:45pm – 5pm

Monday, June 6 | Senate Room, Building 11 | 5pm – 6:30pm

Friday, June 10 | Gig Harbor campus | 3:30pm – 5pm

Enrollment FAQ’s

Have questions?  Look here for the answers to the following topics:

Q: How do I apply?
Complete the online application for admission. If you are returning to TCC after being gone for a year or less, call 253.566.5325 to update your application. If you have been gone for over a year, fill out a new application. Learn more about step-by-step instructions on the enrollment process.
Q: What do I need to turn in to the Financial Aid office?
Here’s what TCC needs you to do to begin the financial aid application process:

Q: Do I need to take placement tests?
All new students seeking a degree/certificate must take placement tests in Reading, English and Math in order to determine placement in these classes. The ACCUPLACER placement test is how we determine your current skills, so you begin with the appropriate class levels for your success in college.

Note: All transferring in students, or those who have college credit from another institution, may use transcripts for placement.  We will also consider SAT scores and high school GPA within the last year.

Q: What is New Student Advising & Orientation (NSAO)?
New Student Advising & Orientation (NSAO) gives you the info you need to quickly plug into the TCC campus community and to important student resources, such as your student portal and how to register for classes. You’ll be assigned an academic advisor. Sign up for New Student Advising & Orientation.

Q: Do I need to go to New Student Advising & Orientation (NSAO)?
Participation in the New Student Advising & Orientation is mandatory for all new first-time college students. All TCC students must learn how to register for their own classes and how to access the portal. You will also be assigned your advisor at that time.

The earlier you sign up for NSAO, the earlier you can select classes. Sign-up online as soon as you’ve got a Student ID number and know you’re planning on attending TCC. Be sure you’ve completed your assess your skills step (by taking the placement test) before your scheduled orientation.

Q: I’m a veteran. How do I pay for school? Is there someone to talk to?
In addition to completing the regular steps for enrollment to TCC, veterans must also process paperwork with the Veterans Affairs office in Building 14 before being certified for their benefits from the VA. At that time you will be briefed on VA policies, as well as how they apply to your benefit.

A Veterans Affairs Coordinator is available for appointments in Building 14, adjacent to the Financial Aid office, and can be reached at 253.566.5081. A staff member from the Veterans Corps is also available to provide additional support to our military students and family members. Their office is located in Bldg. 14 near the Financial Aid office and can be reached at 253.566.5364. They can provide information about community services and supports including housing, employment and counseling services.

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